Saturday, 22 September 2012

Special sweater

Hiii!! I haven't posted in SUCH a long time:(. But I'm staying at my mom's house and my little magic photographer Anu is at my dad's apartment. Today I came here, because I had some free time. And we took blog pictures!!:)
Lately I've been just going to school and to the gym and everything and really not wearing anything worth posting too.
I'm so happy todaaay. I slept for 11 hours last night and I'm just so lively and the sun is shining and everything is so good right now in my life. I'm also very happy about finally doing a new fashion post.
Last Saturday we celebrated my dad's 40th birthday at a bohemian restaurant in Tallinn. There were so many people. I found a good occasion to wear my new yellow tight mini dress and studded shoes. I'll post some pictures of that too.
But today I'm wearing a very special sweater. My mom knitted it about 20 years ago, when she was still in school. We found it yesterday while cleaning up my closet and I thought it's so beautiful and decided to wear it today. I also wore a pair of white cat eye sunglasses. Well, they're not exactly cat eye, but a little bit. This sunglasses style is also today's big trend. Hope you like the outfits!! :)

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Click for more pictures of today's outfit, my dad's birthday party and trend pics!

Photos by: Anu

Sweater: knitted by my mom, pants: Bershka, bag: H&M, shoes: little shop in Paris, sunglasses: Lindex

Dad's birthday party:

With daddy:)

Photos by: Anu and Mann

Dress, ring, bag: H&M, bracelet: Seppälä, blazer: Takko fashion

Trend pictuuures:


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Umbrella obsession + cuff duo

Hi dolls! I just have to complain about the weather again. It was actually quite warm and sunny for like 2 days, but now it is so freakin cold and rainy all the time. Today in the morning I had to go to school at 8 am and it was almost as cold as winter. I don't want winteeeeer!! Although I'm not gonna be in Estonia and it's warmer in Italy, it's still bad.
My dad turned 40 yesterday. We gave him a walking stick and a mole figurine with Anu, because he is old enough now:D. It's so weird, because we have always been talking about the big forty and now it's finally here. I dunno, he has always been thirty something, so it's gonna take some time to get used to.
Well, I haven't done anything interesting lately, just going to school and studying and working out. I bought an umbrella. It's like my dream umbrella. If you think of me and an umbrella, then this is the exact picture that should come in your mind. When I saw this lovely umbrella(I love that word) I was just like "must have this". And I fell in love. Now it's even raining, but I forgot to take my umbrella to school yesterday and today, so I had to pose with it on my blog photos.
And now about this outfit I wanted to show you guys. I two different cuffs today: my hair cuff that you have seen before and an ear cuff. Ear cuffs are so cute and also trendy. There are again many different version, but mine is like the most simple one. I also wore my new shoes that arrived yesterday. I'm so in love with them. This style is also very popular, especially among fashion bloggers. I couldn't think of any cooler shoes. I matched my cuffs and shoes with my golden jeans, a simple white top, a simple black blazer, a redish brown scarf with golden details, my small studded bag, my usual black ring and black and white bracelet and of course my UMBRELLA!!:). Here are the pictures:

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Click for more pics + today's trend photos of ear cuffs

An instacollage of my shoes:)
Photos by: Anu

Pants: Amisu, ear cuff, hair cuff, scarf, bag, top, ring: H&M, blazer: Takko, shoes:, bracelet: Seppälä umbrella: Just See

Trend pics:


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Happy days.

Hii lovelies! I have missed you all so much. I know I say it every time, but I really have been very busy. I recently joined a gym and I've been going there almost every day. I'm feeling so much better now that I'm constantly working out, I can use all my energy and I feel so much healthier.
I'm doing very well at school. I understand almost everything we're studying and I get along with my friends very well.:)
Today we finally picked out the house we're gonna live in in Italy. It's a nice house in the Alps near Bergamo and Milan. The view is very great there and I can go shopping in Milan every week:). That made my mood very good and now I'm just so so happy and can't wait 'till November!
Fashion fashion fashion. I've been thinking about doing fashion posts every single day, but I was just so tired after school or very busy, but I'm gonna start posting more now, I promise. 
Today I wore a natural brown-beige outfit: a striped mini skirt, big beige shirt, beige scarf, big brown bag, brown country boots and my usual black ring. I also had feathers in my hair. I love hair feathers so much. They give a nice boho look and I thought they would be perfect to finish today's look. They look best with locks, which I had in the morning, but my hair went straight with the day and just looked weird in the evening, I'm sorry for that. Also, check out my baby blue nails, I'm so in love with this color, it's super cute.:)

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Read more for more outfit pics + cute hair feather photos

Photos by: Anu

Shirt, skirt, bag, ring: H&M, boots: Zara, scarf: Bershka, hair feathers: KappAhl, nail polish: Oh My Gosh baby blue

Trend pics:

xx Kaisa