Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Howdy shipmate!

Heeyy! My week has been busy, but boring. Like last week. I hate routine life, but I guess that's the only way if you go to school.
My weekend was a little bit more interesting. On Saturday we went to lunner (between lunch and dinner) at a new hip restaurant in Tallinn called 3 sibulat (3 onions). Its head cook is one of my dad's favorite Estonian chefs. I really liked the restaurant, it had a good vibe and great vegetarian foods:).
Sunday was Estonia's independence day. We are now 95 years old. Estonia was independent for 22 years at first(1918-1940) until the Soviet union and then we were under Russia's power until 1991 and ow we're free again.
So, on Sunday we went out for lunner again(it's the only time, when the baby is awake and happy). This time to an older restaurant called Sfäär, which is quite similar to the other one. Everyone in my family had been there before many times, but it was my first time. I liked Sfäär even more, the atmosphere was excellent and it also had a special vegetarian menu. I was away for so long that I had forgotten about all the good dining places in Tallinn.
We celebrate our Independence day with a parade, a big concert and president's reception. We always watch the president's reception to see, what everybody's wearing:)
This week we have a style week at school. We dress up in different costumes and we have a new theme every day. Today's was sailors.
As my sailor's outfit I wore a dark blue-white striped peplum top, a striped skirt, a white jacket, a little scarf with my watch, black school bag and nude colored flats. I'm also gonna add some pictures, which inspired me to put together this outfit. Enjoy!:)

Photos by: Anu

top: Lindex, skirt: H&M, jacket: Zara, bag: Gina Tricot, watch: Fossil, shoes: little street shop in Paris, scarf: my step mom Mann's vintage

Inspirational pics:

xx Kaisa

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tough sheep

Hi guys! My last few days have been like really really boring. School school school, studying, studying, gym, gym, gym, skiing(for school). So yeah, there's not much to talk about.
Sooo, to make this post a little bit more interesting, I'm gonna tell you about this plan we have. During spring break we're going to SPAIN with my dad's family!! First we're gonna fly to Malaga in the south of Spain and then drive to Marbella, which is a really really beautiful city nearby. We think we'll be staying in Marbella, but we're not sure yet. Marbella is close to the strait of Gibraltar, so we're gonna drive there and also do a quick day trip to Morocco. There's gonna be over 20C degrees in southern Spain in March, so we'll definitely be going to the beach a lot and I hope I'll get a nice tan too:). The water is still cold then, but maybe I can also tip my toes into the Mediterranean:) Looking forward to March 13...
I want to write a whole paragraph about my today's hair. I wanted to make like these curls, that would be small and not too puffy. I made these little buns by coiling little pieces of my hair around my fingers. I opened the buns in the morning and my hair was huge. I looked like a had a microphone on my head:D. But I put some water in it to straighten it a little bit and I still think it looks weird, but better than before:). I also looked up some cute pictures of curly hair from tumblr for you.
Today I wore my cargo pants again(so in love with them), a striped shirt with lace, a simple black cardigan, golden jewelry(including my awesome watch) and black studded boots. I really love the combination of these boots and pants. I think I look like a soldier or something:). 

 Click! Click! Click!

Photos by: Catu

Pants, cardigan: Zara, boots: Francesco Milano, top: Weatseal, ring: H&M, watch: Fossil

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you about this very special thing I did on Saturday. I went to a casting! The casting was for an Italian modeling agency in Tallinn called Icon, which also has a department here.
It was held at a nightclub in the city center of Tallinn.
I was very nervous the night before and also the morning before the casting and I didn't even sleep much. But luckily I could bring a photographer to take pictures for my blog and I brought my very good friend from my class, Anu was in Finland with her father:)
Firstly, I had to fill out a form about myself and wait for some time. After a while I was called in. Then they took some photos of me next to a wall. I hope I didn't seem too nervous in the photos.
Afterwards, I also had to walk on a small stage. I walked at the fashion show, which I talked about in my last post, so I thought I knew how to walk, but again I'm not so sure about how I did. I wasn't feeling very confident, but we'll see:)
I decided to wear a very simple outfit to the casting: a black top, my new military colored cargo pants, a warm dark red cardigan and black heels. I also straightened my hair and didn't wear ANY make-up.
I haven't got any feedback from the agency yet, but I'll keep you posted. All in all I liked this experience very much and even if I don't get in, I'll be stronger and know what to expect next time.
We didn't get many good pictures from the event, but I tried to organize as many as possible. I'll also post a video that was taken at the casting.

I'm also trying this thing, so please leave your feedback: 
Click for more pics + the video :)

Photos by: Briks

Pants: Zara, top: Terranova, shoes, cardigan: Pull&Bear