Thursday, 26 September 2013

Interview with Greek fashion blogger Athina

Hii!! Today I have a new interview for you guys! It's with Athina from Not Your Average Style Fix . She is from Athens, but lives in London. She travels a lot and I love love love reading her travel posts plus her style and pictures are amazing. I strongly recommend you to check out her blog, because it is really really good :)
Here is the little interview I did with her:

In Paris

1) Where do you get your fashion inspiration? 

The press, shows, blogs of course, but mostly the streets - there's so much to gather around the streets of London!

2) How would you compare the street style of Athens where you're from and London where you live? 

Athens has for years been very limited, although this has recently started to change. However with the economic crisis and financial hardships, fashion obviously takes the back seat. London is a place where everything is possible and nothing is frowned upon: the limitless and lively fashion hub of London is what turned me to blogging in the first place!

3) I know you travel a lot. What are your favourite places to visit and why? 
The ones that are as far from my reality as possible. I've had the most eye-opening experiences in Africa and Asia, bust most of all I cherish my yearly trip to India like no other. 

In Mumbai

4) What's your favourite trend at the moment? 

I like oversized, structured and excessively printed clothing, big, chunky heels, cut-outs and crops. 

5) Do you get inspired by music? 

Absolutely! Music can make or break my day and my style is somewhat a reflection of my mood. 

6) Who are your biggest fashion icons? 

I adore the style of Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma, Popy Delevigne among others, but my absolute fave is Taylor Tomasi Hill.

Thank you so so much for agreeing to do this interview :)
xoxx Kaisa

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fringe bag

Hello! I have to complain about the weather. It was quite warm on Saturday, but then it suddenly got really cold on Sunday. Now it is less than 10°C, grey and constantly raining. Ughh, I have to get a warmer coat.
But luckily I'm going somewhere warm very very soon... on Saturday. To the island of SARDINIA, ITALY!! I can't wait for the super good coffee, pasta, pizza. I love and miss Italy so much. My mom is already there and our hotel, the island, the weather and everything seems so perfect. 3 more days...
This outfit consists of some black leather items(a skirt and a bag) and a military green colored shirt. I love the little detail on shirt. This is a new bag. I'd been wanting a bag like this for a very long time and the first ever H&M just opened in Estonia. I went there with no intentions to buy anything, but then I saw this bag and I just had to buy it. It's a black leather fringe bag. I love it.
Tere! Ma lihtsalt pean ilma üle kaebama. Laupäeval oli veel päris soe, aga pühapäevaks läks päeva pealt täiesti jääkülmaks. Nüüd on kogu aeg alla 10°C, hall ja vahelduva eduga sajab. Vastik, mul on soojemat jopet vaja.
Aga õnneks lähen ma kuskile sooja kohta juba väga väga varsti... laupäeval. Ma lähen ITAALIASSE SARDIINIA saarele!! Ma ei suuda enam seda super head kohvi, pitsat, pastat jne ära oodata. Ma armastan ja igatsen Itaaliat nii väga. Mu ema on juba seal ja meie hotell, see saar, ilm ja kõik tundub nii perfektne. 3 päeva veel...
See outfit koosneb mustast nahast riietusesemetsest(seelik ja kott) ja sõjav'e rohelist värvi särgist. Mulle nii meeldib selle särgi peal olev väike detail. See on uus kott. Ma tahtsin sellist kotti juba väga pikalt ja nüüd avati ju Eesti esimene H&M. Ma käisin sealt korraks läbi ja ma ei kavatsenud midagi osta, aga siis ma nägin seda kotti ja lihtsalt pidin selle endale soetama. See on must narmastega nahast kott. Mulle nii meeldib see.

Wearing: Bag, shirt, skirt, ring: H&M/ boots: Diesel

Photos by: Anu


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Little leather vest

Hellooo!! I actually took these outfit pictures on Thursday, but I didn't have a chance to post them before now. I had a very busy week. I had a lot of tests at school and I went to my drama club and the gym and other events.
On Thursday I went to the premiere of a new Estonian movie called Free Range. It was good, but there are some better Estonian movies.
On Friday I went to the Estonian National Opera. I wrote a review of one of their operas once for school and it was sent to the opera house and I was invited to an event because of that. I also went to see a musical called Man Of La Mancha. I really enjoyed it.
And yesterday I just had a really lazy day :)
In these outfit pictures I'm wearing a leather vest. I love it so much, it gives such a effect. I matched this vest with a super comfortable and soft black shirt, greyish pants, statement necklace, and a huge black bag I wear to school. I put my hair in a messy braid to finish off the look.
Teree! Ma tegin need outfiti pildid tegelikult neljapäeval, aga mul ei olnud kuni praeguseni võimalust neid postitada. Mul oli väga kiire nädal. Koolis oli palju töid ja ma käisin jõusaalis, näiteringis ning teistel üritustel.
Neljapäeval käisin ma uue eesti filmi "Free Range'i" esilinastusel. See oli päris hea, aga mulle meeldivad mõned teised eesti filmid rohkem.
Reedel käisin Estonia teatris. Ma kirjutasin ükskord kooli jaoks ooperi kirjandi, see saadeti Estoniasse ja mind kutsuti sinna ühele üritusele. Ma käisin ka "Mees La Manchast" muusikali vaatamas. See oli väga hea.
Ja eile oli mul lihtsalt väga laisk päev :)
Nendel outfiti piltidel on mul seljas nahkvest. Mulle nii meeldib see, see annab nii laheda efekti. Ma kandsin seda koos mega pehme ja mõnusa musta särgi, hallikate pükste, suure kaelakee ja hiiglasliku musta kotiga, millega ma koolis käin. Outfiti tegi terviklikuks sassis punupats.

Wearing: Vest: Bershka/ shirt, pants: Gina Tricot/ shoes, bag: H&M/ necklace: Zara/ watch: Fossil/earrings: Pimkie

Photos by: Laura


Monday, 16 September 2013

Doggy bones

Hi guys! So I guess this is my first fashion post since school started. I've been really busy at school plus I went on the trip to Barcelona :)
Today I'm wearing a sweater with little dog bones. I like to wear it when I miss my doggy and right now he's living at my mother's house while I'm at my father's place, so I don't see him very often :( .
I matched this sweater with a denim skirt, black tights and shoes, black leather jacket and some golden and brown accessories. I love wearing black with denim, gold and brown.
Teree! See on siis minu esimene moepostitus alates kooli algusest. Mul on koolis palju tegemist olnud pluss ma käisin Barcelonas reisil :)
Täna on mul seljas koerakontidega kampsun. Mulle meeldib seda kanda, kui ma oma koera igatsen ja praegu tema elab minu ema juures ja mina olen isa juures, nii et ma ei näe teda väga tihti :(
Ma kandin seda kampsunit koos teksaseeliku, mustade sukkade ja kingade, musta nahktagi ning kuldsete ja pruunide ehetega. Mulle meeldib kanda musta koos teksa, kuldse ja pruuniga.

Wearing: sweater, skirt: Zara/ rings, shoes, bag: H&M/ jacket: Pimkie/ watch: Fossil, bracelet: Claire's

Photos by: Anu


Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Hiii! I went to Barcelona for a long weekend! We were there from Thursday to Monday. It was actually my grandmothers birthday gift and I went with my father, uncle and grandmother. I had been there before and it was my dad's 7th time in Barcelona!
The city is absolutely mesmerizing with a really cool vibe. It has one of the coolest city beaches in the world. Barcelona is also known for its amazing architecture. It has a perfect mix of classic and modern architecture with some really cool pieces by Antoni Gaudi.
I really really liked the new and modern hotel W on the beach, the best hotel in Barcelona. I also really wanted to see the landmark of Torre Agbar. So one day I was walking on beach promenade with my dad and it was super hot and then we saw a bike rental, so we rented bikes! It was the best way to get around Barcelona. The roads were really good. We went to see the W and Torre agbar more closer.
My obsession with W:

With the rented bike :)

From my Instagram kaisahanna

W at night
Torre Agbar:

In the city there are many famous buildings by the amazing Gaudi. He also designed a park named Parc Güell and the big and famous church Sagrada Familia, which has been in construction for 100 years. I don't have any pictures of the church, because the scaffolding was really in the way and it was raining really hard when we visited it.
Parc Güell

With my daddy in Parc Güell :)

A really cool postcard I found of Parc Güell

Casa Milo

Casa Batllo
Barcelona is filled with nice small and also big squares.

The view from our balcony

Placa Reial

At Placa Reial with my uncle and grandmother
Barcelona cathedral
View of the beach
On the last day we went to the top of the Tibidabo mountain. It has an amazing view of the city plus a tivoli amusement park and a church.

Going to the top

I think the best thing about this trip was the food. The tapas in Barcelona are absolutely amazing because of the fresh ingredients like seafood from the sea. We ate at my dad's favourite places every day and they were really really good. I don't have very many food pics because we were so hungry and ate it all very quickly :)

Our first Pintxos

Crema Catalana at my father's favourite restaurant Cal Pep

The biggest food market in Europe
We don't have Starbucks in Estonia :)
With my uncle and grandmother in our apartment :)
All in all Barcelona is a really good place for a little city break with its mediterranean beach, amazing architecture and delicious food. I had a really good time :)